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ɮaɳʂɧɛɛ ⨻ ɮɛἀƫ/beatrix bunny/blessed black beast/blood is the new black//colette saint yves./dira/elina nilsson/fleurs du mal/for all things holy/foundre/girlwithglassfeet/hernan marin/it's a vision, complete illusion/jjjcccaaa/katastroffysik/luna lovebad/matxcova/mermaid hair/my little deer/nowismine/partizany/sarah/sarahlauren/seasons in the black sun/shadows taller than our souls/snowce/sour milk, sugar lumps/strong, powerful, reduced/the undefined./the wolves act I & II/venusinfurs/vitiko/wearegonnashine/weeping clouds/windsweptribbons/yes! a bunny stream of conch/

/++/+longdistancecalls+/(ghost)bear monsters./28:06:42:12/30 doradus/800 streets by feet/a snail race/alterations/anouk/babywolf/bear/biting the hand that feeds/blue pony/bones&style/bunnymitford/butterflyflutterbygoodbye/eleasha/ellenh/emilia coeur/everything is your choice/faunfucking/fluorescent adolescent/fuck yeah, alexa chung/i want to be alexa chung/fuck yeah, it girls/fuckyeahskinnybitch/gingerlilytea/glittersniffer/i am am i/i live for glitter, not you./i want my bearsuit/je suis un ananas/julia/krista anna ashley/manhattanblair/mermaids are flying/milk at midnight/milkgirl/mood/no lies, just love/noir forever/oh no, said merricat/pearls and gold/pinpicks/planecrashpretty's/pony tale/sabino/sandy says/she continues to create a world entirely of her own/something intellectual/sofiacoppola/suicideunderground/suzywire/swaggerlikemickjagger/the church of kate moss/the dog days are over/the dream walking society/the lion/the private life of a cat/tree castles./unicornology/we are now a hip pharmacy/we sleep in parking lots/will "mr. fancy pants" bryant/winterwinds/you are the key.../youth/zr

-/10.17/a myriad me's/allrightallnight/andaherzt/angelica/anywho/ballad of a thin girl/bambi the sailor/bookofmiri/catherine pri/cocorosa/codyjune/crooked horizont/dictionaries and daydreams/dirtyglam/eppendorfghettochick/facon de le hippie/flutsch-that-was-it/fragmentarium der existenz/gille krivich/golden slumbers/hannah and landon/heart + bleecker/i am the superlative conspirancy/i am taller than the children/industry-of-fools/january/karla that's me/kleine diva in paris//lost in fashion/lucripetous/milchmaedchenmonolog/mischeif & manic matbles of the mayhem-esque me's/mvb/not another rich kid/off the garden fence/panache/ponyhunter//pull teeths/pumpkin parade/repeatoire/thrills & frills/schwebebucht/selbstdarstellungssucht/sharon gong/something picasso/spiegeleule/strange ambition/stylorectic/sweet youth/uberding/the unicorn diaries/venus in blurs/violin in a void/wedgeheel/where the wild wolves dream/wir sind leoparden/

/08 is the new 90 /a kaleidoscope of my things/abracadabra✞/adam green/akauriworld/allt & inget/a l m a/audrey kitching/B&S/blica./bohemian musings/cheap thrills/chicmuse/chimerical/city slick/cool outfit/cory kennedy /dans le noir du temps/deer lolita/delicate diaries/diaries&dreams/die liebe zum detail/E1 /fanfarella/fieber-maedchen /fourteen fashion statements/frauenzimmer/gedankensprünge/gluda finds lulu/greer/h.anna/hallifax/hearts, bows & kisses/herz so weit von glück/hirnsturm/i break into libraries/i don't eat bread /i like anti-heroines/i like the rose/i'm throwing my arms around paris/jemand erzählt/jovana liebt./justanotherteenager/kites in summer/lauren doughty/lepus cognitus/luise/madame broschkina/marievb/matchstickgirl's ramblings/milchwolke/natalie k./oh, it's you/photographingpinkdots/radio&fernseh/rainy ciel/rosarot/said to much/schwarz&gold/sea of shoes/selbstdarstellungssucht/smerneluv/stylekingdom/surrounded/that's hot /the fruit that eats itself/the fucking fucks/the skinny /the sprout and the bean/the tea drinking english rose /the time is grey/there is no sex in your violence/two breads, please?/wildehorden/you are my trophy/youneak


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