Monday, July 9, 2012

In der Trägheit des Sommernebels / Montag, Neunter Juli Zweitausendzwölf


  1. Hey! What are your favourite bands/singers?

    1. ooff, my taste of music is really eclectic... right now i'm really into hess is more, purity ring, flunk, summer heat, element of crime, locas in love and that song "crave you" from flight facilities feat. giselle.
      i wouldn't say that i have some all time favourites. there was a time i was really into scissor sisters when they released "ta-dah!". also - i guess i was around 15/16 - i was so so so into le tigre, bikini kill and stuff.
      i loved santigold since the days she was santogold (the album santogold).
      still i like them, so i'm into so much different music.
      i always love tchaikovskys op 40 no 2 chanson triste.



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