Saturday, April 9, 2011



she grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,
the girls would talk about her as she turned her back,
the boys would follow her all down the hall,
but she'd keep a smile on, not let it bother her at all.

sweet lorraine, just the mention of your name
sweet lorraine, can raise the sun and stop the rain
sweet lorraine, the skys have never been so blue

she knew one day that she would leave this town,
it never felt like home each time she looked around,
she packed her bags to go follow her dreams
sweet lorraine

by mitchell parish


  1. sehr sehr genial!

  2. okay okay, ich könnte das jeden Tag hier hin schreiben...aber du bist so wunderschön :)

  3. i love mitchell parish
    care to share the name of that book your holding?

  4. ist das ein buch? sieht interessant aus.

  5. wow, woher ist die bluse?

  6. eyecandy. ich liebe transparente schwarze blusen. <33

    nein. leider nicht, zu schön um wahr zu sein. die bilder sind genau das was ich vom sommer erwarte/vorstelle, deswegen habe ich mich mal dreist bedient ;)



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