Saturday, February 6, 2010

jauntily survive

just for inapprehensible short winks.
wings in white of swans out of light,
above me in the sky.
the light, the light. where is the light.
fallen down to earth in the field in the sky
sheltered from thick, thick swanwings.
coverd with flowers so high.


  1. THIS. lighting, wood, milk, love.

  2. meine liebe!
    bald bald werde ich dir endlich antworten, es tut mir so leid dass es so lange dauert.
    i just wanted to attach that you get better and better, and i love your ideas and i miss you so much !!!!!

  3. As always, love the post.

    Also I have selected you for a blog award on my last post, I hope you don't mind :)

  4. wiedermal einfach toll.

    mhh ich mag einen ganz simplen kleiderbügel, klitzeklein und nur ein schwarzer strich..im nacken.
    ist schwer zu beschreiben :D

  5. Thankyou for your comments, I love what you write and all these photos you post. ♥

  6. so simple, yet so beautiful. i've been so busy with school that i've missed your blog. hope you're doing well. xx

  7. i think this is lovely, but my end of world survival kit would include a book or two

  8. your blog is lovely and your art is fantastic!

  9. May I say your blog is exceptional and your photos incredible. I smile when I see you have posted something new,
    Pearl xo

  10. i don't think you know how in love i am with your blog. it has to be one of my favorites. xx

  11. I love how people can make beautiful photos of the most simplest things.

    And to make a screenshot, just press the "PrtScn" button on your keyboard, then paste it into photoshop or a similar program. I usually open up Picasa and whenever I take a screenshot it imports it straight into a folder for me.

    Hope that helps!

  12. eigetnlich isses ja nur milch.
    du schaffst es dennoch das daraus was magisches, mythisches wird! du bist doch nich von dieser welt! wieder mal ganz großes kino!!
    ich bin so gern auf deinem blog!

  13. Sv: givenchy!! Don't remember the season. And your pictures is now in my love-folder, which Are made for the gray mind. xx

  14. yum i want milk now
    very nice poem..of course
    and thankyou for your comments
    they're so nice and helpful :)



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