Wednesday, February 3, 2010

glück vom mittelhochdeutschen gelucke bzw. gelücke. bedeutet "art wie etwas endet", "art wie etwas gut ausgeht".


1. bright and calm thoughts.
2. sudden inspirations.
3. when i run trough the city with happiness in my ears, and i realize how lucky i am.
4. when i see big art and big personalitys.
5. vespertine animals.
6. in the evening, when i lie in bad and feel so much. just before i fall asleep, this moment is the most intensiv time of the day.
7. wearing flanells or pastells.
8. draw something and notice that it is good.
9. see animals who are peaceful and full of happiness and luck.
10. dream about some perfect moments which aren't that perfect as you thought and it makes you feel confortable.



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