Sunday, January 31, 2010


many thanks to vio, you know i like lists...

///favorite band/artist: so many awesomes. it's going to be long...
▲ alexa wildings
▲ au revoir simone
▲ the beatles
▲ bob dylan
▲ the brunettes
▲ camera obscura
▲ carla bruni
▲ casiotone for the painfully alone
▲ charlotte gainsbourg
▲ the dø
▲ el perro del mar
▲ element of crime
▲ fagget fairys
▲ feist
▲ fever ray
▲ first aid kit
▲ fleet foxes
▲ girls
▲ the go! team
▲ grizzly bear
▲ jane birkin
▲ kate nash
▲ the kinks
▲ the knife
▲ koop
▲ la roux
▲ late of the pier
▲ le corps mince de franoise
▲ le tigre
▲ lily allen
▲ lisa mitchell
▲ lissy trullie
▲ lovvers
▲ lykke li
▲ make the girl dance
▲ mgmt
▲ mika miko
▲ miko
▲ moby
▲ nypc
▲ nico and the velvet underground
▲ nina hagen
▲ noah and the wahle
▲ peaches
▲ peter bjorn & john
▲ plastiscines
▲ q lazzarus
▲ the raincoats
▲ robyn
▲ róisín murphy
▲ rolling stones
▲ rye rye
▲ santogold
▲ say hi to your mom
▲ scarlett johansson
▲ scissor sisters
▲ seabear
▲ soap&skin
▲ sonic youth
▲ tilly and the wall
▲ uh huh her
▲ the unicorns
▲ the virgins
▲ vladimir vissotski
▲ wir sind helden
▲ yann tiersen
▲ yeah yeah yeahs
▲ yelle

///favorite song (all time favourites):
▲ fallen snow - au revoir simone
▲ norwegian wood - the beatles
▲ i want you - bob dylan
▲ books written for girls - camera obscura (every song of camera obscura is awesome³)
▲ le plus beau du quartier - carla bruni
▲ boys don't cry - the cure
▲ from the valley to the stars - el perro del mar
▲ ein hotdog unten am hafen - element of crime
▲ so sorry - feist
▲ when i grow up - fever ray
▲ our own pretty ways - first aid kit
▲ tiger mountain pleasant song - fleet foxes
▲ lemontree - fools garden
▲ milk crisis - the go! team
▲ grizzly bear - knife
▲ je t'aime moi non plus - jane birkin and serge gainsbourg
▲ the sky children - kaleidoscope
▲ all is love - karen o and the kids
▲ lola - the kinks
▲ bittersweet symphony - the verve

///favorite video:
▲ heartbeats - the knife
▲ lily's eyes - teacups
▲ when i grow up - fever ray
▲ starllion - alexa wildings

▲ tiger mountain peasant song (cover) - first aid kit
▲ mango tree - angus and julia stone
▲ fallen snow - au revoir simone
▲ white corolla - casiotone for the painfully alone
▲ listen! those lost at sea sing a song on... - get well soon
▲ angry young man - get well soon

///favorite movie:
▲ i heart huckabees
▲ le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain
▲ happy end
▲ hunting and gathering (zusammen ist man weniger alleine)
▲ ballet shoes
▲ high fidelity
▲ bridget jones
▲ paper moon
▲ i'm not there
▲ annie hall
▲ mighty aphrodite
▲ vicky christina barcelona
▲ victor victoria
▲ 8 femmes
▲ breakfast at tiffany's
▲ funny face
▲ factory girl
▲ death at a funeral
▲ robert zimmermann wundert sich über die liebe
▲ driving lessons

///favorite book:
▲ no one belongs here more than you - miranda july
▲ high times, mein wildes leben - uschi obermaier, olaf kraemer
▲ ramses müller - tex rubinowitz
▲ du är inte klok madicken - astrid lindgren
▲ die anstalt der besseren mädchen - julia zange

///favorite designer/label:
▲ stella mccartney
▲ anna sui
▲ chanel
▲ hannah marshall
▲ burberry
▲ more and more and more

///favorite tv-show:
▲ weeds
▲ sex and the city
▲ two and a half men
▲ gilmore girls
▲ the simpsons
▲ i guess there is one more...

///favorite fashion icon (people with style):
▲ karl lagerfeld
▲ rósisín murphy
▲ mary-kate olsen
▲ ashley olsen
▲ the queen
▲ cory kennedy
▲ alexa chung
▲ luna lovegood
▲ madicken
▲ alice
▲ aurel schmidt
▲ audrey hepburn
▲ etc...

///favorite city/country:
▲ europe in generel.
▲ i want to move toward north

///favorite moment ever:
▲ good day- and nightdreams like warm sun is shining on your skin while you lie in a huge summer filed of grass and write/dream/draw...

///i would like to see some lists from...
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  1. danke für die inspiration, da ist bestimmt auch noch das eine oder andere dabei, was mir gefallen könnte.

  2. Sag mal wo läuft eigentlich weeds?
    ich hör da immer von
    aber angeschaut hab ich's noch nie
    *schöne liste
    und danke fürs taggen war eine gute ablenkung für einen langweiligen sonntag

  3. seems like we have exactyl the same taste in almost everything.and i love the picture above.
    julia zange is great!

  4. I love these! You have some great likes there.


  5. omg omg omg
    i LOVE this list!
    love all those bands, well most, coz some are german i think? idk..but i'm sure they are just all awesome :)
    i love karen o and the kids haha wtwta soundtrack is reallyy good
    beatles..fever ray..kaleidoscope..the cure..it's all gooood
    yup really really good list

  6. Try listening to Crystal Castles :) I'm pretty sure that you'd like them as you like bands such as The Knife...

    anyway, besides that: I really like your blog!

  7. prateeti,
    well, that's a good idea. people told me my photography remember them to crystal castles.

  8. mmkay, I'll do that sometime ! after all i like lists. <3

  9. try listening to I am Kloot, i´m sure you´ll like it. one of my fav. bands. luna lovegood, ja! das ist sehr wahr!

  10. oh you are so right about everthing on these lists.

  11. ich bin wieder da. nach gefühlten 2000 Blogpost ist es mir aufgefallen. in wirklichkeit waren es nur 159.

  12. deine listen sind toll. ich mag vieles auch.
    gute musik, und die filme erst! ach :)

  13. hey long time no see...
    scrolling down, just found out I got tagged - I'm always on a quest for new ways to procrastinate, so I'll probably do it ;)




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