Monday, December 7, 2009

about hand-doves, dreams, wishes, flying cats, jumping elephants, and how you can cook your muffins in the garden.

about how i could live
that is how i could spend the rest of my live.
lying on the back in the grass,
look at the sky...
there is a bear,
a bear kissing a elephant.
that is how i could spend the rest of my live.
cooking muffins in the garden,
just all by myself.
playing with the wolves in the neighborhood at night...
colsing she said "it is all about your dreams and wishes. if you have no, you will not reach something at all. dreaming is the best you can do. i'm nostalgic, i'm alive."


  1. wunderhübsche bilder haben sie da rausgepflückt madame!

  2. your blog is beautiful, where do you find your photography? Or do you take it yourself?

  3. this is so nostalgic and sweet at the same time. I'm seriouly in love with your blog.



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