Thursday, October 1, 2009

inside isn't the mirror, isn't a mirror, inside is a mystery, never a open book, you can confound it, don't confound it...

...liberty, liberty in every aspect of life can be a burdan, is a burden for some of us.

no°1 & no°2 by me//
rest: the 'where the wild things are' collection by opening ceremony. it's all ispired by the 'wild things' everything is made of fake fur (so i can love it)

('where the wild things are' is a movie based of the famous illustration book of maurice sendak...)


  1. amaazing, i love your photos ♥
    & that collection is awesome too .

  2. geniale bilder
    where the wild things are mein lieblingsbuch
    und zu meiner felljacke
    nicht vom flohmarkt sondern fund im keller
    was für fake fur spricht was mich glücklich macht :)

  3. haha, i lvoe this post, this was a great book, cant wait to see the movie!

    xx raez

  4. haha oh i know
    i was heartbroken when i realized that he had cut so much
    but your hair grew long again quite fast. my hair grows very slowly :(
    i love that collection! especially the vest


  5. that book was.. god. brilliant. have to buy it again, mine is with my mother..

  6. I like the first picture, and the little pony's!

  7. ja schule. scheiß auf schule.
    deine Bilder und Lebensweisheiten, hah, sind sehr inspirierend.allerliebst

  8. I'm kind of in love with fake fur.

    the Opening Ceremony photos are amazing.

  9. my favourite childhood book! love having the models with them, such good shots! xx

  10. Love your photos! And love Where the Wild Things Are... cannot freakin' wait for the movie! x

  11. I love your photos :) They are so gorgeous! So coooooool!

    Panda xx

    oh, and Lovely blog!

  12. That book made up quite a large part of my childhood. So ridiculously estaticly excited for the movie to come out, looks as if Spike Jonze has done us proud. I'm coveting one of the Opening Ceremony Max jumpsuits like mad.

  13. Gorgeous photography as always. You're a clever cookie! x

  14. First two are my favourites.

    P.S. Please visit my new blog 'Add some Roitfeld to your life'.

  15. es ist süß, aber der pelz kommt leider von wirklichen tieren:(



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