Monday, September 21, 2009

i have a leopard coat, what do you think?

it's september & as the days slowly grow cooler & cloudier, every morning i'm finding myself ruffling through creaky drawers for a knitted sock or ratty old cardigan to add a bit of warmth to a worn out summer getup & i can't help but think that the wardrobe of secondhand cutoffs & croptops i've become so well accustomed with the past few months - just won't do anymore.

it's always difficult to think up a workable wardrobe for each new season from what's already hanging up in your closet without feeling the need to go out & buy a completely new one. so, not while sifting through a favourite swedish blog or even while leafing through a trusty old glossy did i find the one photo that answered all my questions - it was instead through a random late night google image search of one of my newest favourite filles, florence welch. her gorgeously eclectic mix of patterns inspired me to simply just put together all my favourites from past seasons & carelessly throw them all on at once, weather accordingly, as she had.

i like to think the zigzag tribal print dress was a favourite of hers in the springtime rolling about in the park, the classic leopard coat & floral tapestry bag were handed down winter staples, the leather snakeskin bag a favourite summer holiday streetmarket find & the knitted scarf a handmade birthday gift & must have for fall. throw on a bit of sheer red lippy, trusty black tights & wooly socks with vintage granny boots, like these, on your feet & youre perfectly set for those long autumn afternoons sat outside your favourite caf with a warm cuppa & a beatup moleskin to jot down all the kooky poems that pop in your head by your side.
drawing by me.
text by 10.17


  1. lovely drawing! keep warm & lovely.
    peace & love.
    (p.s. i have a giveaway on my blog & a peace day celebration.)

  2. OMG, do you know where to find that coat? Im speechless it is lovely, I NEED that coat!

  3. I am also going through my closet at the moment and got a lovely checked shirt from my granny some days ago. Think I'll feature it. I hardly ever do fashion posts with myself in them.

    Warum schreibe ich eig auf english? Hmm

  4. danke für deinen kommentar.

    du hast wirklich einen der schönsten blogs überhaupt. ein traum.


  5. ich möchte auch einen plüsch-matel...
    die stiefel sind auch recht hübsch, wobei schwarz nicht schlecht wäre.

  6. oh florence! i love her!
    leopard print coats are the way forward!

  7. flawless coat and outfit. leopard print will never go out of style!! long live the leopard! lols haha

  8. If I had to rescue one piece of clothing from a house fire, without a doubt it would be my leopard trench coat.

  9. ah your photos and drawings kill me! beautiful.

  10. oh I love your drawings! fabulous.

  11. aw, lovey! thanks so much for 'featuring' or my text rather. glad it could be of some inspiration.

    also, i LOVE your drawings. i wish i could draw. i cant.


  12. die zeichnung ist der wahnsinn, allein die geduld für das leo muster ist beachtlich :)

    bald bekommst du wieder elektronische post :)

    alles liebe

  13. that coat is great!! and your drawing so cute!!!

  14. great drawing dear ♥
    & of course i love the txt by abbbbbby ♥

  15. such beautiful pictures. definitely following :)

  16. Ich glaube der ist von topshop. Ich habe den selben. Es gibt ein outfit post bei uns im blog



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