Tuesday, August 25, 2009

last days of summer. last days of lying in the grass and doing nothing. last days of freedome, last days of fieriness. end and beginning.


  1. I like the lines and the photo

  2. beautiful picture. i can't identify whether it's you or not. let me know.
    great one anyway.
    i hope there are going to be more hot days of summer..but i don't think so as the weather is mostly the same in germany where is suspect you live. i hadn't had a chance to go to a swimming pool yet this summer..nor sea, nor lake. i need the water but i've been too busy i suppose. so that's the main thing i'm commenting on your post. i need the water and i hope for a warm day to come. autumn is my favorite season of all but i need a warm day out. i hope you're fine, having fun somewhere. i realize that my comment has taken some of your precious time and i hope it wasn't wasted. i'd like to contact you in other way than through your blog. i can give you my myspace or facebook if you're willing.

  3. that is such an amazing photo. i love all the flowers and the dreamyness. love. long live summer.

  4. du weißt..ich liebe den herbst
    du weißt..ich hasse den sommer
    aber die dinge die du aufgezählt hast..auf die freue ich mich immer im sommer
    aber ich mache sie nie..weil ich mich einsperre und nicht rausgehe..
    mh das ist gerade irgendwie unlogisch
    villeicht liegt es auch daran das sich alles zwar toll anhört..man es bei 30 grad aber grundsätzlich nicht geniessen kann



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