Thursday, June 25, 2009

make art not war

Tomorrow: Big art project. No plans (only the plan to do art).
It's like speaking even though you know that you can't but you know it's totally beside the point. Just do it, don't give a fuck of all those others, the grey army. Make art not war. I'm tired and that's a little cutout of my random thoughts...


  1. ich bin gespannt, was dir kreatives einfällt.

    viele schöne ideen wünsch ich dir!

  2. Good luck with the artwork dear! I always feel that art is something you can't really talk about, you just have to show someone...bit odd that I'm Art History then I suppose lol.

  3. YES.
    art always. i find it so amazing how the hours just pass when you are really engrossed in your work. magical even. you look up and two hours have passed. the best feeling in the world.



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