Saturday, May 2, 2009

sticky, pink smoke allover her face, along her legs, inside her tighs.

She awaked early in the morning.
The fog was allover.
Over the house,
over the gras,
over the old willow,
over the rocking horse,
over Mr. Wonka,
over her bed,
over her hair,
over her face.
Like a sticky,
sweet jail.

by me.


  1. oh my goodness i miss the never ending story.. that dog creature is so magical.

  2. hach.. die unendliche geschichte... long time ago... schönes bild!!

  3. hihi, Furfur ist so niedlich XD

    ja das stimmt, vom stoff her ist das kleid wirklich sehr dick. den rock habe ich auch anprobiert, aber ich fand das der bei mir unten so ausgebollert war. kannst du vielleicht mal ein outfitfoto mit dem rock machen, würd ich gern mal sehen =)

  4. wooow, wo hast du die wundeschönen bilder her????? i'm in love!


  5. Thank you! The pictures and the text are amazing!

  6. oh the neverending story! i used to watch that so much when i was a little girl.

    it's misty and foggy here in boston...your poem was perfect for this morning!

    thanks for stopping by my blog too. yep, that's me in those photos. scary, eh?!

  7. and i forgot...

    yes please, let's exchange links. i've been following your blog for a while now. it's one of my go-to places for visual inspiration :o)

  8. Der Film hieß Leon der Profi :)
    Danke für dein Kommentar.

    Noch einen schöen Abend und liebe Grüße!

  9. gorgeous :) i always love your posts.

  10. ahhh the never-ending story pretty much made my childhood. such a beautiful movie.

  11. I remember that movie when I was little. It was enchanting & fantastical. & so is Valentine.

  12. Das Gedicht ist super! Gefällt mir! Ich würde es sogar bei Gelegenheit featuren, wenn du es mir erlaubst. Mit credit natürlich. <3

  13. gorgeous post, that 2nd pic is magical.

  14. find ich gut übrigens dass hier alles auf englisch ist. der film (factory girl) mag ja wirklich nicht DER film sein, aber edie s. war eben DIE frau.

  15. that first picture is insane. where is it from?

  16. do you remember what the flying dog's name is?

  17. I'm trying to understand your poem but can't and this is why I find them so alluring. Its beautiful though and obvious a personal piece to :)

    Oh and is it weird that I've NEVER seen the NEVERENDING STORY? haha havn't seen SOUND OF MUSIC either though lol

  18. Beautiful.

    btw I love never ending story



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