Sunday, May 10, 2009

dresses, dresses, dresses. all my dresses.... for the future, maybe.

All dresses by H&M.

Cute Raez tagged me with the 'SEVENFACTS' tag. I'm lazy and not a friend of any kind of tags but that's a short one so i will do it...

1. I would never dye my hair (okay, maybe sometimes but not yet)
2. I'm a vegetarian.
3. The thought of a squid disgusted me.
4. I love art, literature, poetics, drawing, fashiondesing & photography.
5. I'm a feminist (I think every woman should be a feminist 'cause it's not a cuss)
6. I love the epoch of Jane Austen books, rococo & baroque too.
7. I adore fur but only the fake. I hate the idea that animals have to die only because people think they look good in furs.

I tag...

lovely Elisabeth 'cause she tagged me, she's so cute and her blog is really, really nice and fresh.
Eira 'cause i really like her art to put text and pictures together.

Haylin 'cause she's super cute and her blog is such super dreamy and nice.


  1. ich mag das in der unteren Reihe ganz rechts!
    Woher ist das schwarze in der oberen Reihe (2. von links)?
    Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag :)

  2. i fall in love for firts and final dress!!!!!!!!! the cake is an apple sponge with shaving biscuit


  3. haha thanks hun! Nice to know I don't look like a one of those carnival folk lol. The dresses you've picked are adorable! I like your answers too. Literature is a strong interest of mine too :)

    Hope your sun is magnificent! :D

  4. die kleider in der 2. reihe gefallen mir am besten, alle sehr chic! :)

  5. thank you so much for the tag! i love all these dresse, can't wait for hothot summer!

  6. im in love with the sequins number in the top row - and the strapless plaid one. great finds! im with you on jane austen :)

  7. great answers, i def agree with you on seven! :)

  8. lovely the last row of dresses, i really need to get myself down to a H&M!

    and i love your 7 facts :) totally agree with 2 - 7!

    thanks for the tag :D

  9. besonders das erste Kleid gefällt mir sehr gut, habe es bis jetzt leider nur nie im Geschäft entdecken können.. :/

  10. danke :)
    ach herrje, ich bin ein bisschen doof ;). ich habs später dann auch entdeckt, dass du es geschrieben hast..

  11. Outstanding selection of all those dresses!! Black and floral printed dresses are pretty good...



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