Monday, April 6, 2009

it's perfect to flee into another world

Marie Antoinette the Movieweheartit


Space dimmed by washed out light,
A glow from the box shines on her face,
Only nineteen and hesitant frowns pierce her eyes,

Life is effortless but she knows this isn’t it,
Something must be round the bend,
Trying and testing her,
Like a trial tube experiment,
Eyes surveying her every move,
Contemplating and fixating on the same thing she is.

Books crowd her,
It’s perfect to flee into another world,
She walks the tracks of her beloved characters,
Seeing what they see and hearing what they hear,
It’s not long before she realises that even her favourite characters are waiting for the same thing as she is.

She knows that life will hit her hard,
But she can’t step out of this dream,
Oh what it is to be nineteen.

Marie Antoinette


  1. oh oh i love love LOVE your photos! thank you for the comment! :]

    i love those bird pictures and and the moon and everything else!

    and carla bruni! oh she is so lovely.

    swap links yesyes?


  2. I really need to watch that film, the screenshots are always so beautiful. x

  3. Diese Bilder sind einfach bezaubernd.

  4. i love that hairy jacket with the oversized t-shirt, have you seen this;


  5. oh gosh i love the first pic so much.<3

  6. ah yes it is! i flee to other lands quite often! :)

  7. einer meiner lieblings Filme, auch wenn er sehr ungewöhnlich ist,ich liebe ihn =)

  8. marie antoinette is a genius movie. i haven't seen anything so stylish for a while. and kirsten dunst was perfect for the part, she perfectly captured the vulnerableness
    and oh, jason schwartzman rocked too!

  9. I love marie antoinette (as in the movie)

  10. ahhh i love this post!!! good poem too!

  11. totally love the second image.. so beautiful :) x

  12. What a sweet and light-hearted post.
    Love the Carla Bruni on your blog too...it all sets a wonderful dreamy mood...

  13. oh ich liebe marie antoinette... ich habe ihn gerade neben mir stehen, den film. und nun hast du mich dazu angeregt, ihn mal wieder anzuschauen!

  14. I love the movie!! And the first photo is so beautiful..



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