Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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for Burberry and Marni

Nimuë Smit
origin the Netherlands
agency women milano
height 179
waist 62
bust 80
hips 91
shoe 40
hair dark blonde
eye blue
Madita, Madita
I called her Madita
young, wild and bittersweet
Madita, Madita
tall and skinny
Madita, Madita
I cried her name
Madita, Madita
My little sister
My big brother
my old ladybird
my violet favourite dress
Pretty new Face.
80-62-91 this body dimensions must be fales 'cause she's way too skinny for this body dimensions. What are you thinking about that?


  1. wow. she is kind of perfect in every way. love the nude lips.

    i believe the dimensions. mine are the same, except i'm 152 cm. hehe.

  2. i don't know but i love the gold eye makeup .
    very pretty .

  3. so pretty! love her make up. looks so simple.

    and thanks for your comment. it's my dads old shades, love them!

  4. 86-62-92 is very thin. you should come live in america (no no no!), because here you'd wear the smallest clothes. i wear 00 here, and i remember when i was living in europe i was sometimes a medium, because people are so much thinner there. oh america. it feeds us lard.

  5. too many models are TOO thin now, i love a natasha poly who is gorgeous and has an amazing poly but newcomer jac is sooo TINY.


  6. She's so pretty. I don't get how these girls are so thin.

  7. Im feeling that curves are starting to come back on the runways and in Editorials first tho..and im glad, clothes should hang on a body like a hanger but drape on a body's natural curves...and im no where near fat and saying that haha..its time for models to take a stand! :D



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