Sunday, January 4, 2009

#1 street style of the week 'it's all about faux fur'

Time for street style. The streets of the world are a totally good source of inspiration. So here is my new sector ‘street style of the week’. This week ‘it’s all about faux fur’.
I think the beauty in the middle could wear real fur, I don’t like this, so I just hope it is fake, because she looks awesome.


  1. Echter Pelz ist wirklich ätzend. Aber für mich wäre auch Kunstpelz nix. Aber an den Mädels+dem Kerl oben schauts richtig schick aus. :)

  2. I don't think I would work it.
    & my friends would hate me :)

  3. yeah sure i'll add you right now and the faux fur looks amazing!

  4. Mich lässt der Trend irgendwie kalt.
    Na ja. Ist halt Geschmackssache.

  5. i like this idea for a regular post- street of the week.

    i'm sorta drawn to the fur too. how do you feel about salvaged fur? i'm a little torn about it- like, i reluctantly want it. i'm so curious to know how others feel about it.

  6. my sister has a faux fur coat ! I love it sooo much



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