Sunday, December 14, 2008

hannah marshall

FW 2008/09 Hannah Marshall

I followed fashion for a while now, I came to reason that there just a handful of designers that absolutely impress me. There are many good designers, but there are not many they are outstanding. Just 5 until 15 they are really innovative for me. One of them is Hannah Marshall. I’m so in love with her creations. I would wear all from her collection.

If people would ask me 'Why do you like Hannah Marshalls creations?' I would answer 'So black so right!'


  1. hi :) tnx for visiting. regarding designers.. there is so many of them... and i really dont like to restrict myself just to one... because i think each one of them had (if nothing else) at least one really good piece in its work. as we grow change and develop, so different things appeal us...

  2. I really like her work, especially the beatle armor dress..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  3. a really niiice collection...=)
    but for me....a lil bit too much black..=)

    love, julleeeeeeeee

  4. I loooove Hannah Marshall. I had a few pictures of her lbd's. I love every single one of them!

  5. I love how she creates so many different looks using just black - she's awesome!

  6. Black! And it looks awesome. I wore all black today too. I'm about to make a post about it.

  7. amazing shots. LOVE them :)

  8. black is best
    and you just introduced me to a new talent. I wasn't familiar with her before :) xo

  9. A little while ago, I would have said, "Too much black!" But black has been strongly growing on me lately, so this collection was great to view! The second to last look is my favorite! :)


  10. Wow so black so right!!! Hahah what a cool phrase :D

  11. thank's at all.

    electro geisha,
    definite there are so many great designers in the whole world, but i don't know all, but you're right, there a many designers with more thank just one good creaion.

    sorry, but whitch dress do you like more than the outers?

    yesyeseyes. mhm, for me it isn't to much black ;) i really don't like black chucks and black skinnys in combination with a black hoodie, but stuff like these, i mean all these wonderful dresses, i really love in the 'all in black'-look.

    you know me too. i wish i had the money for her lbd's.

    miss karen,
    thats also a point I adore on her.


    matt rowley,
    oh, thank you so much.

    okay do this. yes, awesome, not 'cause it's black but the cut and the design is it.

    yeah, me too.

    mle charrey,
    i do? okay, nice.

    the second to last look is very chic and clean, love it too, but i think my favourits are the second, the third and the last one.

    haha, i agree with you.

  12. lovely clothes.. i wish i could pull something like that off! maybe one day haha.
    thanks for your comment, and yes, it is me on my header, who would it else be? oh well someone actually said i looked like whitney from ANTM, but it made me so sad and i hope you did not think anything like that! HAHA KISSES

  13. i am with jaime - every peice is heaven! xxxx



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